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Hyde & Associates specializes in telecommunications law worldwide

With its creation, Hyde & Associates set an entirely new standard for providing real-time, practical regulatory and commercial advice for the entire planet. We are known for our reliability, cost-effectiveness and field experience in challenging jurisdictions.

Hyde & Associates members bring high-level formal training, well-honed skills and years of direct field experience in the practice of telecommunications law. We offer advice and support in more than two hundred jurisdictions on all continents. We represent numerous service providers doing business globally as well as other large corporations, diplomatic missions, United Nations agencies, NGOs and government bodies.

Our breadth and depth of experience in tackling both formal and informal regulatory barriers uniquely qualifies us to address the challenges our clients face across multiple borders. Some are dealing daily with the standard issues found in more established markets; others are navigating the indeterminacies of non-rule-of-law jurisdictions. Each situation comes with its own challenges and opportunities. We help all these clients succeed.

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Hyde & Associates’ clients work around the planet. They either are in the business of telecommunications or rely on telecommunications for critical operational support in fulfilling corporate requirements or meeting humanitarian needs. They look to us for the expertise in telecommunications law that allows them to reach their goals.

This is what we do

Licensing and Network Compliance Service

Licensing Management Service

Regulatory Assessment Service

Network Audits

Legal, Commercial and Regulatory Studies

Licensing and Network Compliance Service

Helping you secure the licenses and other permits you need to operate lawfully.

Our licensing work covers both wired and wireless systems, including VSATs, BGANs, GMPCS (satphones), SNG, VHF-UHF systems, microwave, WLL and others.

Our work goes from start to finish:

  • Ongoing monitoring and review of local regulations and liaising with regulatory authorities to guarantee a continuous command of local conditions
  • Review of the regulatory process with your project manager
  • Collection, drafting and assembling of required filing documents
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities and local operators to ensure timely prosecution of the regulatory or commercial goal
  • Addressing issues with local authorities as they occur during the licensing process
  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements required for the authorization
  • Addressing type approval and import authorization issues
  • Settling of all licensing fees
  • Review and delivery of the license

Licensing Management Service

Managing your network so you know exactly where you stand at all times.

As part of our network compliance work, we also provide a full licensing management service that ensures license maintenance from year to year, freeing you to focus on your core capabilities.

"Done properly, compliance saves time and money."


"Knowing the rules put you in control."

Regulatory Assessment Service

Providing specific information on feasibility, costs and time frames so you can plan easily. We provide plain-language, accurate and verifiable information on licensing and other regulatory costs.

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This rapid-turnaround service is based on continuously updated information and daily field work. As a result, regardless of which country you are in, we are able to provide you with:

  • All cost information in straightforward categories—one-time fees and annual fees—to prevent you from being hit with surprises or hidden charges
  • Reliable timelines for securing authorization, based on actual experience
  • An assessment of the likelihood of securing a license, given your project details
  • Advice on planning your network to reduce regulatory risks and costs
  • 48-hour response time

Network Audits




Assessing your network’s regulatory status so you can manage your risk and plan ahead more powerfully.

Large organizations typically find it difficult to determine their precise regulatory situation. Even knowing reliably whether they have all the proper authorizations in their countries of operation can be challenging. Lack of precise, reliable regulatory information almost always results in unnecessary exposure to penalties or confiscation of equipment for noncompliance—and missed opportunities to save on regulatory, logistical and commercial costs.

Hyde & Associates can audit your network to determine whether any compliance action is required, ensuring that you are compliant and helping you target savings.

Legal, Commercial & Regulatory Studies

Hyde & Associates is expert on the full range of regulatory, business and humanitarian issues in telecommunications for both providers and users of telecommunication services. This includes issues related to fixed and mobile wireless, wireline, satellite, infrastructure, fibre-optic systems, broadband, internet service providers (ISPs), data transmission, type approval and more.

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  • Assist in drafting and negotiating contracts for the purchase, lease or sale of services and equipment
  • Advise on regulations governing transactions
  • Analyze local laws for telecommunications market access, opportunities and restrictions

The numbers speak for themselves

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Helping clients succeed across borders in different markets requires a number of distinct assets: legal training, command of the local language and familiarity with the cultural environment, precise thinking and a keen analytical ability, procedural know-how, field experience, determination and diplomatic skills.

Hyde & Associates concentrates these assets in our highly specialized and committed international team.

If you have talent, enthusiasm, and a dedication to winning, you will find Hyde & Associates a welcoming and inspiring firm to join.

Job Opportunities

You are starting or continuing your career and want to:

  • Specialize in a constantly evolving field of law with unparalleled growth potential
  • Become the best in your field
  • Take on professional challenges of real complexity, in both rule-of-law and non-rule-of-law environments
  • See the world and experience as much of it as you can


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