Technical Officer, based in Tallinn, Estonia

Hyde and Associates has an opening for a telecommunications engineer in its Tallinn office to assist the firm in dealing with technical issues in radiocommunications that come up in the course of its legal advisory work, as well as assist with administrative filings around the world.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Advise both staff at the firm and clients on radiocommunications technical issues to help them improve their administrative and legal work.
  • Design and implementation of documents, work standards and systems to increase the firm’s performance.
  • Assist in daily operations on all technical matters.
  • Analyze industry trends in order to help identify the impact of technical issues governing telecommunications systems, and the best manner of dealing with such questions.
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Juriste junior en Droit des Telecoms (F/H)

Dans le cadre du développement d’un projet de recherche à l’échelle internationale, Hyde & Associates est actuellement à la recherche d’un(e) juriste stagiaire lusophone pour effectuer diverses missions.

Vous aurez pour missions principales:
  • Recherche documentaire, règlementaire et juridique à l’échelle planétaire.
  • Analyse de documents contractuels, législatifs et administratifs.
  • Rédaction de documents : argumentaires, analyses et rapports.
  • Veille juridique des autorités internationales de télécommunications.
  • Mise à jour de reportings et soutien aux membres du cabinet dans le traitement des dossiers clients.
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Associate Counsel, based in Tallinn, Estonia

Hyde and Associates has an opening for a jurist, as Associate Counsel to assist with our work on all six continents.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Drafting applications, reviewing and analyzing legal documents.
  • Monitoring applications, licenses, and proceeding various telecommunications issues and for clients worldwide.
  • Performing legal and factual research and analysis.
  • Reviewing laws and regulations and advising on the same.
  • Updating reports and maintaining systems updated.
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